Awesome Has A Tipping Point – Activation Energy


Chemistry meets personal development…

  • In The world of chemistry, there’s a concept known as Activation Energy
  • Although you may not be a chemist or have an interest in chemistry, this idea can help you grasp how very small changes can create a HUGE difference in results

What’s Activation Energy?

  • In a nutshell: Activation energy is the minimum energy required to start a chemical reaction

Boiling water

  • Boiling water is a great example of this principle in action
  • Water needs to be heated to 212 degrees F (minimum energy to start the chemical reaction) to boil (a chemical reaction)
  • What happens when you put a pot of water overheats?
  • You have to wait and wait, and wait for it to begin to boil
  • What happens when the water is 209 degrees F? Nothing, reallyit’s just hot water
  • The same thing when the water hits 210, then 211 degrees F – at this point, it’s still just hot water
  • But eventually, when the water reaches 212 degrees F the state of the water changes – it begins to boil
  • The difference between 211 and 212 degrees may seem very small in some ways, but when it comes to the effect it can have on the water the difference is HUGE!

Life functions the same way

  • You may be working hard to create changes and improve your life (turning up the heat )
  • You may be spending a lot of time/energy (the waters hot) but seeing few results (the water’s not boiling)
  • You may be getting frustrated/exhausted with the wait
  • You may be wondering if the high level of energy you’re putting into changing/improving your life is something you’re going to have to sustain forever
  • But realize that you may just be 1 degree (one small tweak, push, or action) from activating awesome – if you stay committed to your goal
  • Once you pass the tipping point of awesome’, all you have to do is sustain, which is much easier

How to use this:

  • Adopt a mindset that if you’re working hard toward a goal, and it’s just not happening yet – that you’ll stay focused and committed to seeing it achieved
  • Realize that change/breakthroughs don’t always happen simply as a result of massive effort, but sometimes a little time and patience are required for your awesomeness to reach its boiling point’ and activate

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