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Batch Similar Tasks Together

Batch Similar Tasks Together


Our lives are full of varied tasks

  • In a single week, we might: write a little, plan a little, call a few people, manage a few projects, record some videos, and so on…

Task switching destroys efficiency

  • Each time you switch tasks in a single day you lose valuable mental focus (you have to enter a new mindset) and physical momentum (having to change your tools and environment) – this destroys efficiency!

Try batching tasks

  • Instead of working on tasks from different areas of your life or business, spend large chunks of each day – perhaps an entire day – working on similar tasks

Here are some task-batching examples

  • Calling – Call customers, clients, friends, and your mother in a single block of time
  • Email – Read and respond to most email (other than the most urgent) within a single block of time
  • Writing – Write several articles and/or blog posts in one sitting
  • Content creation – Spend an entire day doing nothing but writing/producing several sections of content for a product you’re creating
  • Recording – If you record and post video content, create as many videos in a single day as possible
  • Managing life – Run errands, buy groceries, and handle other household tasks within a single block of time

Why task-batching works

  • Even though you may be doing slightly different tasks, the mindset and tools for doing them are similar, which allows you to efficiently flow from one task to the next


  • Analyze your life/business, then figure out how to work on similar tasks within a designated chunk of time during your week
  • Create theme days to help you organize batching tasks – designate specific days or parts of those days for specific kinds of tasks. For example:
    • Tuesday’s all-day theme could be writing
    • Wednesday afternoon’s theme could be the email
    • Thursday and Friday’s all-day themes could be content creation

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