Peak Performance

Create a Personal Power Word


A new approach to positive change

  • Change and improvement are your goals in life
    • Complexity/overwhelm often stand in the way of success
  • Complex goals, resolutions, and mission statements
  • Here’s a new approach – using one word to trigger change and positive results

What is One Word?

  • It’s literally one word – not a phrase, statement, or affirmation – just one word
  • It’s a word that you will use as a guide to frame all the events, activities, and decisions you make all year

There’s beauty in simplicity

  • Remembering paragraphs/sentences (like goals and resolutions) is difficult, and often leads to little progress
  • Remembering, practicing, and living one word is actionable
  • One word helps you focus your time, energy, and resources with a single purpose – to improve your life using a mindset that matters to you!

How it will impact you

  • One word changes you at your core – your heart – where your desires, beliefs, and values live
  • Your one word alters:
    • What you talk about
    • How you think/your perspective
    • What you see/notice – your RAS
    • Your motivations for doing things
    • How you interact with others
  • Lots of small, positive changes like this lead to one new YOU!

How to use this:

  • Come up with a word – Spend time (2M- hours max) picking a word that ‘feels’ right, but don’t overthink it
  • Ideas: Fearless, Authentic, Focus, Gratitude, Clarity, Balance, Faith, Patience, Generosity, Complete, Move, Organize, Expansive, Health, Enjoy. Mindful, Consistent, Adventure, Sacrifice, Simplify, Courage, Commit, Trust, Growth, Curious, Optimism, Freedom, Happy
  • Below the word itself, write a short definition of what that word means to you – how you want it to influence you:
    • Grow – Today, I am more awesome than yesterday
    • Act – Always be shipping!
    • Positive – Always think +’s
  • Post your word where you can see it regularly, (use Post- It Notes) – Keep it at the top of your mind so that it influences everything you do
  • Review your word daily, say it out loud (with feeling and emotion), think about its meaning, how you recently used it, and scenarios where you will use it
  • As you go about your life, be aware of opportunities where you can take action with a mindset based on your one word
  • With each new year choose a new word

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