Learn All About Discipline Brings Freedom


What does freedom mean to you?

  • Do you believe That you can’t really experience freedom if you have to confine yourself to the restrictions’ of various rules, laws, and systems that promote order and discipline?
  • Does freedom mean you can:
    • Eat whatever you want, as much as you want?
    • Say whatever you want, whenever you want?
    • Say yes to any indulgence because it feels good?
    • Spend your time mostly on activities that are fun?

Oops…what happened?

  • On the surface, freely doing whatever you want (with little to no discipline) seems appealing and fun for a short while
  • Eventually, however? there are consequences for every action you take:
    • Your health can suffer
    • A long relationship can be destroyed
    • A moment of fun can lead to years of regret/pain
    • Your life can become a disorganized mess

Why freedom has its limits

  • Practicing undisciplined behavior in a universe that is full of order? structure and laws mean you’re working against the flow of the universe- you’re going to eventually lose
  • There’s always a price to pay when you act in an undisciplined way – there is nothing you can do about this
  • The price you pay is usually a bad consequence that robs you of your freedom in some way – that’s the paradox – you’re not getting more freedom, but you’re eventually being nobbed of it!

The freedom of discipline

  • When you become a disciplined person – you take actions based on a long-term view of your life
  • Discipline now means more freedom over time – a key idea
  • You realize that the fewer time/energy/creativity -draining consequences and regrets that you can prevent from piling up in your life, the more freedom you’ll have to pursue and enjoy REAL goals throughout your life

How to use this:

  • Adopt a mindset to always consider how your actions affect your long-term freedom – don’t get sucked into the deceptive temptation of indulgence/instant gratification
  • Remember:
    • Eat healthy and your freedom will be more energy, clarity, and less pain/sickness to drag you down
    • Take care of priorities and your freedom will be less stress, more success, deeper relaxation
    • Stay organized and your freedom will be less overwhelm more time, and more money (saved by avoiding late bills, penalties, etc)
    • Think before you speak and your freedom will be open, deep, and great relationships void of the weight of regrets, anger? and distrust

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