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How to Create an Efficient Errands List


There are challenges paper-based errands lists

  • They’re stationary – Ever forgot yours on the fridge?

  • They’re cumbersome – Ever had one grow so long that you needed to start another list – so you now had two lists to manage?

  • They’re restrictive – Ever try to manage a list used by multiple people – your spouse, kids, or roommate?

It’s time for an upgrade

  • There is a better way!

The 3 essential ingredients of an effective errands list

  • Mobility – You need to be able to access it no matter where you are – in your car, at a meeting, etc.

  • Flexibility – It can’t be restricted to the physical limitations of a single piece of paper

  • Accessibility – If you’re part of a family or group, it needs to be accessible to everyone to add, delete, or edit items

How to create an efficient errands list

  • Create an online document – Using a service such as Google Drive, Evernote, Office 365, etc.) create a text document and name it Errands List
  • Capture your errands as bulleted items – Optionally, organize the bulleted items in sections based on location (East/West) or store (bank, groceries, etc.)
  • Share it – Share the document with others who will use it and briefly explain to them what it is and how you want them to begin using it
  • Bookmark it or create a shortcut to it – To easily access it later


  • Follow the steps above to create an errands list that is mobile, flexible, and sharable


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