Getting Things Done

How It Works Clarity in Content of Getting Things Done


Your brain likes the path of least resistance

  • When given a choice of what to do, your brain often chooses the option that can be started and completed with the least amount of resistance (time and hassle)

A lack of clarity creates resistanceHow It Works Clarity in Content of Getting Things Done

  • When your brain isn’t clear about a task and how to complete it, that lack of clarity creates confusion, which leads to resistance to doing it
  • A confused mind always says no!

Why procrastination and goofing off winhow-it-works-clarity-1

  • Procrastination and goofing off are always easy, so if there are resistance and confusion to starting and completing tasks (due to a lack of clarity), guess which option will likely win?

Clarity creates a superhighway to taking actionhow-it-works-clarity-2

  • Getting clear about what you need to do and how you need to do is like laying down an open and direct superhighway to your desired outcomes
  • It removes fear and resistance and it gives you the confidence to take action ‘with your foot on the gas’, which minimizes your desire to procrastinate and goof off


  • If you can’t see ideas and information in an instant, you need more clarity – Lists, plans, goals, etc. should always be in a form that you can instantly review and analyze them.
  • If you avoid interacting with something in your environment because you don’t know how to, you need more clarity – Books, folders, and papers should be neat and organized (not in disorganized piles), to the point where you easily know where to find something when you need it.
  • If you don’t know the next action you need to take with an item, you need more clarity – An overall goal you should have with any tasks, projects, or decisions is to be as clear as you possibly can about the very next action you need to take with it.

  • If you think, plan, and speak in generalities, you’re not thinking clearly enough – You should be as specific and detailed as possible in how you think (see it clearly), plan (capture it clearly), and speak (say it clearly) – this helps strengthen your overall ‘clarity muscle’ – which will have a positive impact on helping you get things done!

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