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Master Your Projects In Just A Few Hours!

Master Your Projects


The challenge of starting a project

  • Due to all the elements that are part of the most project (action steps, people, reference content, etc.), they can initially seem overwhelming
  • Overwhelm can lead to procrastination

Use this simple framework to avoid overwhelm and master your projects:

  • Create a document – Paper or digital
  • Name and date it – Start by giving the project a name and specifying its overall date of completion
  • Break it down – Break the project down into these sections: Actions, Reference, and Processes
    • Actions are things that become to-dos – Create as many as possible initially (don’t strive for perfection), but always have at least the next one ready to go
      • Remember to include action words, details specifics, and deadline
    • Reference contains information to help get the job doneNames of people, ideas/brainstorms, links to relevant online tools, articles, or videos, as well as strategies, pictures, etc
    • Processes are the step-by-step systems you use to get elements of projects completed – For example, if the project involves writing a book, you may have a specific step-by-step process for writing chapters, editing, etc.
      • Capture each process in a step-by-step that you can reuse later.

Yes, this will take time

  • Creating this document may take 20-30 minutes of your time – it’s worth it

Keep things updated

  • This is a ‘living’ document, meaning it will constantly be updated and refined as time goes by


  • Take a project you’re currently working on a structure it using this framework

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