Push Maps

Everything I Would do, See and Experience if I Could Create My Perfect Day

Learning Guide

Intended Lesson For This Map

For you to experience living your perfect day (visually and emotionally), and for you to have a tool (your script) that will allow you to relive that experience daily, which will inspire you to act in a way that is conducive to making your perfect day a reality.

Understand The Elements Of This Map

16 Characteristics Of My Perfect Day (left side of the page)

These idea-starters help you to define the various characteristics of your perfect day. It’s essential that when you write down the characteristics of your perfect day, you focus on details (numbers, sizes, colors, etc.) and descriptions that are emotionally compelling!

Creating A Script (right side of the page)

This is an example of how to write a script that describes your perfect day. It should be filled with details

and emotional compelling descriptions, but it should be kept simple.

Living It Daily (bottom of page)

To really connect with the idea of your perfect day, you need to review your script daily – for no more than a few minutes a day. You should not just read the words, but experience all the elements of your day – see it clearly and feel it emotionally.

Updates And Video (right side of the page)

You are encouraged to update your script as needed, as well as turn it into a video slideshow.

Next Actions For This Map

The next Actions are practical suggestions for immediately putting this map to use.

  • Review the 16 characteristics for creating a perfect day • Create the script for your perfect day
  • Print the script
  • Hang the script somewhere visible
  • Review (living) the script daily – seeing the details and feeling the emotions
  • Create a video slideshow of the script (with pictures and music)



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