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Use Power Alarms To Practice Success


Use Power Alarms To Practice Success

Practicing simple success habits matters

  • Smiling

  • Feeling and expressing gratitude

  • Getting up and moving

  • Thinking about your goals

  • Pushing through fear

The challenge is remembering to do them

  • How can you remember to practice these habits when you’re constantly thinking, processing, and doing other things?

Power Alarms can help – practice success

Use Power Alarms To Practice Success

  • Create smartphone alarms with labels to remind you to practice these habits throughout the day


  • Grab your smartphone and create one Power Alarm right now. Add more as you adjust to using this strategy. Create an alarm to:
    • Remind you to express gratitude for something in the
    • Moment
    • Display an inspirational or motivating quote 
    • Remind you to text, someone, you love to let them know you’re thinking about them
    • Remind you to get up and move
    • Remind you to smile
    • Remind you to check your body language
  • Choose an alarm time that is most effective for that item
  • For the label/message of the alarm, phrase it in a way that you would imagine a trainer/coach would say it to you – have fun with it!

  • It’s probably best to create three Power Alarms or less – otherwise, they can become an annoyance!

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