Capture Your Tasks Effectively


Video’ <— what does it mean?!?

  • Pick up a video?

  • What is a video?

  • Where can you watch a video?

  • Who knows!

Guess what – your brain doesn’t know either

  • Your brain looks at this single word, wondering what to do with it

If this is how you capture tasks, stop it

  • The number of unanswered questions about a task placed on your to-do list like this will affect your ability and desire to complete it:
    • Presentation?!?
    • Trip?!?
    • Proposal?!?

Here are 3 ways to turn to-do’s into done’s

  • Verbs – These signal to your mind and body that it’s time to get into ‘action mode’

  • Details – These provide clarity and remove resistance to taking action

  • Deadlines – These increase your level of motivation to take action

Capture tasks the right way

  • Example: 30 mins: Write a blog post about how to turn a to-do list into a done list:
    • Write – Is a verb that describes the action required to complete the task

  • Write a blog post about… – Provides details about the goal of the task

  • 30 mins – Gives the task a mini-deadline to fuel taking action on it


Update your to-do list,

or begin a new list following these guidelines for each action item on the list:

  • Begin it with an action word (Words)Create, make, review, write, record, organize, etc.
  • Be specific about what needs to be done (Words) – So specific and detailed that you could hand the task off to someone else and they would know exactly what to do
  • Include an estimated amount of time it will take to complete – A close estimation is good enough

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