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Use Action Words – Werbs Are Powerful Motivators – Intended Push For This Map

For you to understand the real power of using action-words (verbs) to ‘command’ your brain to get things done.

Understand The Elements Of This Map

The Words

These are a sample of the kinds of action-words that can be used in various life-scenarios (see below)!


These are a few scenarios where using action-words would be useful.


Here’s a comparison between stating things that need to be done, with and without the use of action-words. Without action-words, each statement is unclear (what exactly does ‘Book project’ mean?!?) and weak (there’s no command to do anything with it). With action-words, what needs to be done with each item becomes clear and specific, and your brain is given a command to take action on it).

The ‘Verb:’ Banner

Identifies what an action-word really is: A verb!

Next Actions For This Map

Next Actions are practical suggestions for immediately putting this map to use.

  • Say out loud, the action-words shown – do it quickly and observe how it makes a difference in your level of motivation
  • Identify some additional scenarios where using action-words would be useful
  • Practice using action-words to create a written to-do list, or to delegate a task to someone

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