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Use Beast Mode For Massive Results

Use Beast Mode For Massive Results


Good is usually good enough

  • If you manage your time and your life properly, then good, consistent results are going to generally make you happy

Sometimes, your inner-beast needs let out of its cage

  • Occasionally you need to unleash the productivity beast within you to create massive results:

    • Vacation is coming up, and you need to get more done than you usually do
    • A deadline has been moved up on a project o You simply want to challenge yourself to see what you can do (one of my favorites)

Flip your switch to BEAST modeUse Beast Mode For Massive Results

  • Gather everything you need – Pens, documents, ideas, notes, whatever
  • Set a timer – for the duration of time you want to spend in BEAST mode
  • Cue up some energetic music – Something that will get you pumped up and excited, but not distracted

  • Turn off everything – Turn off your TV, phone, notifications – anything that has the potential to disrupt your flow and momentum

  • Prepare your body – Get up and move/stretch a bit, and take several deep breaths

  • Sketch out a simple plan – Create an outline of the steps you’re going to take to complete what you need to do

  • Express what you know – Get in the right mindset by expressing, out loud, 3 specific ways you can get the absolute best results for what you’re about to do

  • Take action like a beast – (Self-explanatory)


  • Experience BEAST mode at least 1 time this week, even if it’s only for an hour – discover the potential you have within you to get massive results!

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