Wake Up Early

3 Ways To Get Out Of Bed – Even When You Don’t Want To

Wake Up EarlyJust 5 more minutes!’

  • Probably the most repeated words in history between 5-7 am

It’s not easy, but it’s good for being successful

  • Most of us don’t like getting up early (YUCK!)

  • Time and time again, getting up early has been shown to be a common trait among the most successful and productive people in the worldthere must be something to it!

  • Google Search: successful early risers

There’s a better way than the irritation

  • Better than moving your alarm across the room

  • Better than using multiple alarms to drive

  •  yourself insane

3 simple ways to internally stimulate waking up early

1. Move your body in small ways 

Slowly move your tongue around, then your lips/mouth, then your toes, and finally your fingers – this acclimates your body to the idea of moving.

2. Say action words repeatedly 

Say words like power, energy, excitement, etc., under your breath and with increasing energy. Your brain associates these words with a sense of aliveness, which is awakened on some level when you say them.

3. Do a countdown 

State to yourself that you’re going to slowly feel more energy to wake up while you count down from 30 seconds to 0, and when you hit 0, you’ll open your eyes and get out of bed.


  • Pick at least one of the strategies above and try it out tomorrow morning (or do all three)

  • Do a simple practice run now to experience what it’s like to do each one


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