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What Sets The Direction of Your Life?

Define lour Own Path… Or Else!


Life is taking you SOMEWHERE

  • Due to the very nature of how things work – your life IS moving in a direction – some direction
  • And if you haven’t clearly and intentionally identified and written down the direction you want your life to go, then, by default, someone or something else is setting its direction for you
    • This is how life works – there s no way around it
  • And the direction you’re heading is going to determine your results tomorrow, next month, next year 5 years from now

What sets the direction of your life?

  • The direction of your life is largely determined by the choices and decisions you make every day
  • Each time you make a decision (big or small) it alters the direction of your life in some way
  • What influences your choices and decisions (even in small, seemingly insignificant ways)?
  • Whatever you allow shaping your thinking, perspectives, desires, and emotions on a regular basis:
    • By Default – This includes what you watch, read, listen to, or the people associate with – repeatedly
    • When You Define Your Path – This includes cleanly written goals, plans, and other outcomes – which you review regularly
  • When used, clear and emotionally compelling outcomes/goals can have a much stronger influence on your everyday decisions than the default influences of life – which is why they’re so powerful

Default vs Defined: In action

  • Your diet – If you haven’t defined a clear vision for your diet (not just hopes and dreams), then by default, your food choices will be largely influenced by ads (on tv, print, billboards) or even by what those around you eat
  • Your time – If you haven’t defined your goals/priorities, then by default, how you use your time will be largely influenced by your emotional whims, the demands of others, or what life throws at you

How to use this:

  • Ask yourself:
    • Do I have written goals that I review daily?
    • Do I have a plan of action for today?
    • Have I created a clear and emotionally compelling vision for what I want to be, do, and have?
  • If you can say Yes to these questions, then you are in control of the direction your life is heading
  • If you say no to these questions, then it’s time to take control of your life today…or something else will!

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