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Why Deep Breathing is Good For You

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Why Deep Breathing is Good For You Breath – life force

  • You have a built-in source of power that you are likely not using to it’s full – by a long shot
  • That source of power is your breath
  • Your breath is quite literally your life force – it:
    • Feeds every part of your body with energy
    • Helps your body remove waste/toxins
    • Boosts your immune systems
    • Makes your heart stronger
    • Improves your skin, digestion, and sleep
  • If you’re constantly low on energy and you have trouble thinking clearly, there’s a good chance you’re breathing could use a tune-up

The challenge with breathing

  • Your lungs are an organ of volume – that have a capacity – which means that it’s possible to get into the habit of using only a portion of their total capacity
  • Today’s lifestyle in modern society contributes to poor breathing habits, including:
    • Bad posture
    • Lack of exercise
    • Work that requires a lot of sitting
  • Since your lungs supply oxygen – or life force – if you only use 70% of your lungs’ capacity, this means you miss out on 30% of that life force
  • Imagine how your life would improve with 30% more energy and clearer thinking!
  • Unless you do something to maintain or improve your breathing capacity, it will decline, and with it, your general health, and life expectancy

Deep breathing makes a difference

  • Learning to breathe deeply at various time throughout the day is one way to improve your overall breathing habits
  • Deep breathing is when you:
    • 1. BEGIN by completely exhaling through your mouth
    • 2. INHALE deeply through your nose for a count of 4
    • 3. HOLD your breath for a count of 7
    • 4. EXHALE through your mouth for a count of 8
    • 5. REPEAT for a total of 4 breaths

Why Deep Breathing is Good For You – How to use this:

  • When you: Start your day: First thing in the morning o Have a free moment: When standing in line, driving in your can sitting down to work, waiting for something to cook
    • Want to change how you feel: When you need a boost of energy, positivity, confidence, happiness
    • Notice your breathing
  • Then you will:

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